Nov 28, 2013

Tyler in the news

Tyler's fifth grade year is going well.  He's happy at school and has good friends there.  He participates in two extra-curricular activities that he loves: news crew and art. 

Anyway, here are some videos of Tyler's news broadcasts at school.  He's a cute little news anchor!

September 16: 

September 30:

October 28:

November 11:

I put on my Mean Mom hat and make Tyler continue with piano lessons, which he hates.  He's got natural talent, so I won't let it go, but my incentive programs aren't working.  I often wonder if paying someone else to teach him would work better.  Any volunteers?

Tyler loves loves loves to read.  He is especially fond of fantasy, but recently started the Kid Lawyer series by John Grisham and is hooked.  When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he didn't have any ideas. I asked him if books would be OK, and he was thrilled.  I guess we have an easy job this year!

Poor Ty struggles with being a younger brother. Oh, he is so jealous of all that Zach can do and have. Zach has developed a bit of a social life, which always leaves Tyler feeling friendless and alone. He believes such fun things will never, ever happen for him.  It especially kills him to see Zach have a phone.  I'm not sure how to help him.  Life mostly isn't fair, and Tyler is unfortunately not learning that lesson very gracefully at age nine.

One of Ty's favorite things to do is cook.  He is especially fond of making breakfast.  He's getting really good at pancakes, French toast, and German pancakes.  He makes a mean chocolate chip cookie, too.  I'm glad he is following Garry's lead in the kitchen.  I hope to train him to take over dinner soon!  Haha...

Tyler is the most affectionate person in our household.  He needs LOTS of hugs and positive affirmations. He loves to cuddle on the couch and hang on me when I'm working on the computer and huge me from the back wherever I am.  Sometimes I struggle with this because I'm the opposite of affectionate, but I try hard to give him what he needs.  This seems to be a very emotional season for Tyler.  Hugs are the least I can do for my sweet little boy.

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