Nov 1, 2013


Happy Halloween from the Wicked Witch and her five little monsters.

Halloween things to remember:

*Gavin lost his mummy hat at the ward Fall Festival
*Kate is our fourth child to wear the frog costume
*Lexi's Tinkerbell costume was custom-made by Garry's lovely and talented sister
*I added an inner fleece vest so it wouldn't itch
*Zach was furious that his vest arrived in a one-size-fits-all style, but was appeased by Garry's cool white tie
*Tyler begged to be a unicorn and was thrilled with the homemade version (thanks, Connie, for the last-minute help)
*Lexi missed her ballet Halloween party because I lost my keys, and Gavin missed his class party because he had a wicked cough and had to stay home
*It was cold and windy on Halloween night, so everyone sported extra layers.  Lexi wore her wings on the outside of her coat.  The adults huddled by the fire pit in the Teeples' driveway, which helped a little.
*Tyler was upset because he had the least amount of candy when we got home--Zach had nearly triple the loot
*Sigh of relief--it's over!
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