Nov 15, 2013


It's a season of projects, and surely it's only going to get busier the next couple of months. 

I'm still working like mad on Crèche posters and invitations. The approval process is slow, and my flaky brain has made some mistakes.  Posters are now hung throughout the community, and 1600 invitations will be distributed by full-time missionaries in the Colorado Springs mission, which has 60 companionships.  The first week of December I will be making name and story cards for about 500 nativities (Crèches) and indoor signage for the event, which happens in three weeks.

Tuesday evening (the night of Kate's Sharpie incident) was Young Women in Excellence, which is an event designed to celebrate the girls' experiences and accomplishments this year.  I recently wrote a song (which I thought I'd never do), and my friend Mindy sang it during the program.  I am doing the Personal Progress program with the girls, and this was one of my projects.  Writing music has tapped a part of me I didn't know existed.  It's been a neat experience.

Yesterday I bought myself another project: reupholstering two of these chairs. The acquisition of these chairs is kind of a funny story.  There's this house in the neighborhood of Lexi's preschool that I drive by six times a week. It often has random furniture in the yard, but no "for sale"  signs.  Yesterday these chairs were on the lawn.  After thinking about them all day, I decided to see if they were still there and ask about buying them.  The owner happened to be in her driveway when I got there.  She said I could have both for five bucks! Sweet!  They have great structure, and I think they will provide the extra seating in the living room that I have been craving.

Reupholstering is probably a larger job than I can handle. Just taking the staples out of the fabric has proved to be a Herculean task, and I'm nowhere near done. If you happen to have experience with this or other steps of the process and can offer tips, let me know.

Garry has a project too: he's been called to lead the ward's cub scout Bear den (Tyler's group) and teach Primary every week.  That makes Tuesday nights extra busy for us, but like everything else in life, we'll figure it out.
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