Dec 5, 2013

Birthday #6

The night before Gavin was born, my girlfriends threw me a big baby shower.  I had resisted the party (rather strongly, actually), because Gavin was my third boy and I didn't need anything.  But dear Lisa and Krista didn't care, so we had a spectacular girls night with about 30 women, complete with delicious food and hot foot soaks.  I remember it like it was yesterday (and feel little pangs of sadness that we don't all live together anymore).

Anyway, I went home that night and had strange labor signs, so to be safe, Garry and I checked into the hospital at midnight (Krista slept on the couch).  I wasn't in labor, but I was dilated to seven.  Needless to say, I stayed, and Gavin arrived without much fanfare at 4:53 a.m. weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces.  He remains my biggest baby by more than a pound.  Because of our insurance situation, I was only in the hospital for 18 hours.  With a middle-of-the-night birth and such a short stay, I was completely exhausted.  I think I have been ever since.  

After weeks of great anticipation, Gavin's sixth birthday arrived two days after Thanksgiving.  He kept updating his wish list until the night before.  Fortunately we provided two of his most sought-after gifts: a Ripstik mini and church socks.  Haha.  Yes, he asked for socks.  Our family gifts were few and simple, but with the addition of grandparent and cousin gifts he had a lot to open and was so happy with everything.  Yay!

Because of Thanksgiving break, our day was almost entirely open.  A major thing to accomplish was making Gavin's cake. He wanted a "sports cake," with a blue frosting background and various sports balls on top.  After a comedy of errors, Tyler (he made all the frosting) and I crafted something I really liked that looked a lot like the picture we found online.  I was turning the cake to add the last few inches of a decorative strip around the bottom when the plate bumped something on the counter and the cake crashed to the floor.

Oh, man.  It was sad.  I sat on the floor in stunned silence for a minute.  Tyler cried.  I laughed a crazy, maniacal sort of laugh.  I couldn't believe that had actually happened.  Garry and the kids, who had been shopping, returned home about a minute after the incident.  There was a bit of weeping and wailing, but then we all got forks and ate cake.

Because Gavin is too young to write off a cake like that, I purchased a new one at Albertson's.  I was mad at the bakery lady for having such terrible handwriting, but no one else cared.  Gavin chose to eat at Golden Corrall for dinner (gag), and he blew out his candles there.  He was a happy boy at bedtime.

Gavin's birthday party is on Saturday.  Planning it has taken a back seat to all of my Creche planning, but now that my big printing deadline has passed, I can focus on my boy again. Happy birthday, Gavin!

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