Nov 7, 2013

Life with the Littles

It's no surprise that most of my photos are of Kate and Lexi. Gavin is the runner-up, with the older boys a distant fourth and fifth.  My bad.  But that's just life--the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The squeakiest wheel is Crazy Kate.  The grocery store is my biggest nemesis, which is the primary reason we don't have decent food in the house.  Sometimes I am brave enough to attempt such an outing with my littlest darling.  Then this happens, and I realize that I am insane.

After the public experience above, I purchased a leash child safety harness to make outings more pleasant. The first two times we used it, Kate screamed so much I'm sure other store patrons were ready to call CPS. (Restrictions! Oh, the horrors!) Today was the magical day, though, and the leash child safety harness worked like a charm.  I felt like I was walking a dog, but I totally didn't care. The thought of three leashes child safety harnesses is very appealing. 

The other day I overheard these gems from the kids: 

Tyler: I think that hope is the most important thing in the world.
Gavin: Well, I think a flying pony is the most important thing.

While playing "house" with Lexi and pretending to answer the phone...
Gavin: Lexi can't play.  She's practicing her cooking, and then she needs to get her driver's license.

Kate: Haha.  My bum burpeded.

Gavin was so excited to help me rake the leaves on Saturday. It's a big job, and he petered out after a while.  Luckily Garry and Lexi helped in the home stretch.  It was c-c-c-old that day.

Kate's stubborn refusal to take naps is rather wearisome for all of us.  I love days when she takes a nap in the car or just plays in her room during "nap time."  It's such a relief for everyone when the afternoon can pass more pleasantly.

At the doctor's office the other day I was pretty close to a breakdown after all the shenanigans with these girls. Such insanity in a small room! Fortunately the PA was charming and non-judgmental.

Lexi is slowly adapting to her winter wardrobe.  She is fond of the monochromatic look, as you can see.  I have very different opinions about what makes a cute outfit, but I try to be content with covered legs and feet.  We had a breakthrough this week when Lexi chose to wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt at the same time.  Wow. She also kept her tights on for the duration of preschool two days in a row.  

I suppose that someday I won't relish in milestones like jeans and leashes, but I guess that means I'll be facing bigger things, like peer pressure and dating and driving.  Is that why people always tell me to cherish these years?
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