Nov 28, 2013

kate says...

Kate is equal parts mischievous and hilarious.  Yesterday Garry said she knew the GPS coordinates for the candy I have stashed in my church bag for the Beehives.  She raided it more than once, which was so frustrating!  However, the other day, she made me laugh so hard!  We were driving home from something and Lexi said she had to use the bathroom, but that she thought she could "hold it" for a few more minutes. Kate immediately said, "I can hold it for you!"  I'm actually laughing about it as I type.  She was so sincere!

Much of what makes us laugh around here is the things Kate says.  She says some funny words that I want to remember. Unfortunately my list of her unique vocabulary has disappeared twice.  I imagine I'll keep adding to this list as my limited memory improves.

Angel Muffin=English muffin
Uh-ola bar=Granola Bar

And some phrases:

Yeah, sure
Hold you stand up=hold me while you are standing, not sitting
Tan I {insert something she wants to do} like 40 minutes?

This conversation captures another theme in Kate's life:

Lexi: Mom!  Kate peed!
Me: Peed where?
Lexi: Over there!
Me: Where over there?
Lexi: She's right there, Mom.  She peed in her diaper.
Me: You mean she's wearing a diaper, and she peed in it?
Lexi: Yes. I could feel it when she was sitting on my back.

Kate often takes it upon herself to change her wet diapers, and to remove the poopy ones before alerting me to the situation.  And yet she won't sit on the potty.  We're in a funky in-between stage on the issue.  I probably need to buckle down and give potty training another go.  Maybe over Christmas break.  Maybe next summer....

Kate has the best laugh EVER.  It's this jolly, gut-busting super-giggle that makes me so happy.

Kate currently favors climbing pantry and refrigerator shelves and dresser drawers, changing her clothes five times a day, smearing diaper cream everywhere, filling the bathroom sink with water, emptying brand-new toilet paper rolls, and trying to fix chocolate milk for herself.  On the upside, she can put on her own shoes.

She's darling, for sure, but exhausting.  I'm pretty sure she could tell you that herself.
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