Apr 28, 2013


I never understood why moms got all sentimental about paper cards from their children, but now I get it. Seeing my kids express their love and appreciation was quite touching today.  Each card was special in its own way.

It appears that Lexi wrote down every letter she knows how to write.  She translated: "Happy birthday, Mom!"  I could die of a melted heart.

Gavin made two cards and his enthusiasm grew with each stroke of the pencil.  He was SO excited to give me his cards.  I love reading his writing because words aren't always linear.  You have to be well-versed in Gavin-speak to get the gist.  But I think his messages are fantastic.

Tyler is 100% tender.  He's a hugger and tells me he loves me more than all the other kids combined, so I wasn't surprised when he wrote such a sweet note.  Ahhhh....

And Zach (or Zackie Chan, as he calls himself) calling me a SuperMom is just about the best thing I have ever heard.  Really?  To see him write something so nice about me was quite amazing.  I'll save that one for a rainy day.

Kate didn't write a note, but she babbled away all day long and completely charmed me with her expressions and her wearing of purple sunglasses.  What a doll.

Can you feel the love?
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