Apr 10, 2013

Exceeds Expectations

Last Monday Tyler sheepishly approached me with a big assignment that was due in two days.  He had to speak to his class about any topic he wished--a speech that had to be 2-5 minutes long, given from scant note cards, and include visual aids--and he hadn't started!  I was super frustrated, but after a rocky start on research and planning, Tyler finally settled on a topic and worked diligently to prepare.  He planned a speech about our Dixon family reunion last year.  His poster resembled a family tree, complete with pictures of some of his favorite activities.

I attended the speech, which is out of the norm for me.  I had to deliver a visual aid (a marshmallow shooter) right before his speech and collect it immediately afterward to avoid any controversy over taking a gun to school. Because I was there, I shot a video of Tyler's speech.  Kate's interference prevented me from capturing the whole thing, although he finished about ten seconds after I walked out the door.

I'm very impressed with Tyler.  He put a lot of effort into his project in the short time available, and it paid off!  Tyler received an "exceeds expectations" grade from his teacher. He is very proud of himself, as am I!

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