Apr 21, 2013

Little moments

Our life isn't full of grand adventures, but moments here and there are worth recording.

Like the day I took Gavin, Lexi, and Kate to IKEA.  We were there for one thing: a wall-mounted shelf.  I decided we'd all just zip through and then enjoy lunch together.  That's just what we did.  I went home with the shelf I needed, and the kids were delighted to enjoy French Toast sticks and fruit for brunch while watching Ratatouille on TV.

Late one night I found Tyler like this.  There are so many things to love about this picture.

I've been behind on the dishes a time or two lately, and we are chronically out of spoons anyway, so one day Gavin resorted to using a giant bowl and a giant spoon for his cereal.

We shall now have a moment of silence for the happiest news to hit the frozen foods section since 2008: Tillamook ice cream is here!  Yeeeeehaw!  (Many thanks to Colleen, my fellow Northwest transplant, who discovered the magic.)  Once upon a time we lived within 90 minutes of the Oregon coast and the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which makes the yummiest, creamiest ice cream on the planet.  We have sadly missed it since leaving Oregon.  Our lives are more complete now that Tillamook is here. How many sentences can I devote to its deliciousness?

I love my young women!  We are playing volleyball for our mid-week activities right now.

Someone is always hanging upside down around here.

Soccer season is going well for some and not for others.


And finally, a few mini-stories from our life:

  • The kids and I watched a full mating ritual between squirrels in our back yard
  • Lexi threw her beloved winter hat out the van window and I dodged traffic on foot to retrieve it
  • I stood up to a lady at a restaurant who questioned my judgment
  • I installed stick-on tile on the bottom of the cabinet under the kitchen sink and it looks fantastic
  • The latest ice storm killed my tulips that were 4" tall
  • I introduced my Beehives to the wonders of the "Ice Ice Baby" musical era
  • Gavin said: "I want a parachute so I can go to high places and jump off and use the parachute to be safe."
As Robert Brault has said: "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." The end.
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