Apr 1, 2013

After school

Tyler: Hey, Mom, can you sign this?
Mom: Well, what is it?
Tyler: I just need to turn this in.  It says you know about my project that's due on Wednesday.
Mom: What is the project?
Tyler: I have to give a five-minute speech with note cards and have a poster and visual aids.
Mom: And it's due in two days?
Tyler: Yes.
Mom: When did you find out about this?
Tyler: Two weeks ago.
Mom: ARGH!!!  I will sign it, but I'm also writing, "Please give Tyler a hard time for telling me about this on APRIL FIRST."

Tyler: I want to tell my class how to make pizza.
Mom: Pizza?  What do you know about making pizza?
Tyler: I thought I could research it.  You know, where it came from, ingredients, instructions, pictures...stuff like that.

Mom: What have you found online?  You've been looking for an hour.
Tyler: I just need to print this out...
Mom: OK, new topic.

Mom: Dang it!
Zach: What happened?
Mom: I scalded the white sauce while I was talking to Tyler.
Zach: Oh...
Mom: Don't you EVER wait to tell me about a big project until two days before it is due.
Zach: Um....
Mom: Zach...
Zach: Have I told you about the Science Fair Expo?
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