Apr 7, 2013

All seven of us

Occasionally I wonder what life will be like ten years from now.  If I did that more often, it might give me some perspective on today.

What I imagine for Zach in 10 years:

  • High school graduate
  • Returned missionary
  • College student
  • Very, very tall
Today Zach is:
  • Hormonal/emotional/whatever this is
  • Developing friendships with Jacob, Jaden, and Braedon
  • Obsessed with hanging out with said friends
  • Independent enough to ride his bike to the Y and the nearest grocery store
  • Doing his own laundry with startling infrequency
  • Not conscious enough of personal hygiene
  • Talking like a baby (literally) to amuse himself/annoy others
  • Taller than his mother

What I imagine for Tyler in 10 years:
  • High school graduate
  • Entertaining multiple college options and/or scholarships
  • Super energetic missionary in some part of the world
Today Tyler is:
  • Creating cool things in art class
  • Blowing his teachers away at school
  • A Bear in Cub Scouts
  • Trying to be like Zach and his friends, but inwardly content to be a child
  • Obsessed with "riding shotgun" in the van, only because it makes Zach crazy
  • Best friends with Carter
  • Learning to ride a Ripstik
  • On his way to completing the spring reading challenge at school
  • Flying through his piano lessons and learning his first simplified hymn

What I imagine for Gavin in 10 years:
  • Freshman in high school
  • Very, very tall
  • Climbing something high and dangerous
  • Speaking in grunts and two-word sentences
  • Pretending not to be Lexi's best friend
Today Gavin is:
  • A very impressive expert on the monkey bars
  • Considering a possible future in gymnastics
  • Loving wheels: bikes, scooters, etc; and balls: soccer, football, basketball
  • Loving television, especially Johnny Test
  • Charming his mother with the best laugh in the entire world
  • Really growing up

What I imagine for Lexi in 10 years:
  • Finishing her first year as a teenager
  • Being the same age as my girls at church
  • Obsessed with her friends and her hair and her clothes
  • Not appreciating my wisdom or companionship
Today Lexi is:
  • Shy
  • Resisting formerly enjoyable things: preschool, church, friends, babysitters, YMCA child watch
  • Constantly begging to go to Primary, play with friends, attend school, and have babysitters
  • Coloring in the lines
  • Writing her name with a lower-case, upside down "e"
  • Playing soccer for the first time
  • Mostly sleeping all night in her bed...
  • Loving her scooter

What I imagine for Kate in 10 years:
  • Being the age Zach is right now
  • Hormonal/emotional/moody
  • Obsessed with her friends and her hair and her clothes
  • Finishing up sixth grade
Today Kate is:
  • Picking up a new word or two every day
  • Saying the end of "drink" with a click of her tongue (it's so cute)
  • Sticking out her arms when we ask her to fold them
  • Raiding the pantry at least once a day
  • Taking off her clothes and diaper whenever she feels like it
  • Climbing on everything
  • Able to navigate play structures at home and the park
  • Running
  • Not jumping (but trying so hard)
  • A through-and-through Daddy's girl
  • Content to putter and play with toys like no other Bartle children have done

What I imagine for Garry and me in 10 years:
  • Having just four kids at home
  • No car seats, diapers, sippy cups, diaper bags, strollers, training wheels
  • Quiet time for me during the day
  • Lots of time in the car
  • Settling into mid-life
  • Approaching our 25th wedding anniversary
Today Garry is:
  • Working at Wells Fargo and mostly loving it
  • Commuting just 10 minutes
  • Cooking a lot
  • Taking Lexi to the bathroom every night at 11:00 p.m.
  • Serving as the Elders Quorum Secretary at church
Today I am:
  • Enjoying my callings with the Young Women and the ward newsletter
  • Cleaning, driving, playing, teaching, nurturing five busy kids
  • Saving, saving, saving for kindergarten
  • Dreaming of a red couch
  • Becoming an expert with Band-aids
  • Wondering why people say I will miss the preschool years
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Trying to make it to the gym 3-4 times a week
  • Nursing a sore knee and various other health issues
  • Enjoying bursts of amazingly beautiful spring weather
The end.  And the beginning.


angiedunn said...

there is a lot of potential, brains, talent & love in those kiddos {and parents}... love your family so much!♥

The Wizzle said...

That's a very interesting thought! I don't think I've ever looked 10 years out. Crystal clear depictions of your kids now though! <3

Dan and Katie said...

Thats an awesome post!!

Emmy Z. said...

Fun post! I love the picture of Kate wearing goggles in the bathtub!

Cheeri said...

This was a great idea for a blog post! I don't miss the preschool years either :)

that's what she said...

what a fun idea! wonder how much of it will actually be the case?! guess we'll find out in 10 years when you do a follow-up post, right? :)

pass it on!

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