Apr 20, 2013

monkey see, monkey do

I made a yarn wreath yesterday.  I started it at a church thing with friends in the morning, and then spent nap time trying to finish.  Gavin and Lexi were so enamored with rolled fabric flowers that they wanted to try some themselves.  They were incredibly persistent, so before bed I let them try.  They were thrilled.

Then Gavin and Lexi begged to make their own wreaths.  I must have been feeling ambitious (or slightly crazy) when I agreed to this plan.  This morning while I manned the Littles' soccer games, Garry took the other kids to Michael's and rounded up supplies.  And thus today's nap time was devoted to another wreath project.

As it turned out, these kids had amazing attention spans and dexterity.  I operated the hot glue gun while Gavin and Lexi cut and rolled flowers and wound yarn around their wreath forms.  I was quite impressed!

The finished wreaths make me smile.

I kind of like mine, too, but I think it's still a work in progress.

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