Apr 7, 2013


Easter was very low-key at our house this year.  We didn't color eggs or wear matching clothes to church, but no one missed either one.  Our pre-Easter tradition is an egg hunt on Saturday. I still struggle with an Easter egg hunt that doesn't have lush green grass as a backdrop. Spring in Colorado is very brown, but the kids don't know any better and of course they enjoyed finding their eggs.

I followed Kate around with the camera since this was her first experience looking for eggs.  She loved every minute and was completely adorable.  Lexi tagged along with Kate.

The boys were fast and competitive and eventually had to share some eggs with the girls.  Next year we will have color-coded eggs so everyone gets the same amount.  I think it's an excellent extension of the Dixon Fairness Doctrine from my youth.  Zach thinks it's NOT a fair plan since he can't horde 80% of the eggs.

On Sunday morning, the kids had another search-and-rescue operation: finding their Easter baskets that were hidden around the house (another of my childhood traditions).

And that evening, as we feasted on Garry's scrumptious meal, Zach gave us a wonderful lesson about Jesus Christ's last week on earth.  We celebrate His life, His resurrection, and His atonement every day.  That is what Easter really means to us.


Adri said...

Kate looks so much like her mama! ;)

Shannon said...

Can you expound on the Dixon Fairness Doctrine? I'm struggling with this concept in our home and it sounds like your parents figured this one out with all their brood. Do share!

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