Jan 24, 2013

My oldest friend

I am lucky enough to visit teach a true gem.  Her name is Barbara, and she is 85.  In addition to our official monthly visits, I call Barbara and pop over to see her occasionally. Barbara is spunky, witty, wise, and in all ways delightful.  She struggles to hear and to move around, but that doesn't stop us from having great conversation.  Today we had a date to play Phase 10 at her kitchen table.  It came down to the last hand, but Barbara won the game.  Even so, she wasn't thrilled about posing for a picture.

It's tough for me to get away from my house and responsibilities long enough to enjoy afternoons like this, but if I had my way, I'd spend most afternoons with Barbara, playing cards, sucking on lollipops, and laughing until our sides hurt.  She's the best.


Adri said...

I used to visit teach Barbara, too!

Shannon said...

I love spending time with older people too! I had the sweet opportunity to sit with a recuperating sister in our ward who proceeded to talk my ear off. I learned a lot about her and her 97 years of life and I admire her strength tremendously. I, too, wish I had more time to spend with these incredible people!

angiedunn said...

um, i kind of love her. you & i must be related because i'm so down with the senior citz, too. so much to learn from them & so little drama.

pass it on!

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