Jan 18, 2013

Sun break

When we lived in Beaverton, Oregon, we learned to love--or at least live with--frequent rain.  We did everything in the rain without really thinking about getting wet.  We did, however, look forward to "sun breaks," when the rain would cease and the clouds would part and the sun would shine for a little while.  We became accustomed to dropping everything in order to play in the sunshine and enjoy the rainbows.

In Colorado Springs, winter cold and snow are very much like Beaverton rain.  They are just a part of life, and even though frigid temperatures aren't necessarily pleasant, we live our lives in spite of the discomfort. Colorado weather isn't very consistent, though, so there are some January days that feel more like spring, and we revel in them. Friday was one of those days.

I had an extra child for a couple of hours, and after picking him up, I took the four Littles in my care to the park.  With warm (50 degree) sun on our backs and beautiful blue sky overhead, we reveled in the chance to be outdoors.

The fresh air in my lungs was glorious, and I think the kids enjoyed it, too.  Kate was thrilled to climb and slide and explore the playground.  Gavin and Lexi romped and played and ran.  They might also have been glad to display their spectacular outfits in public.  I know I was thrilled for their chance to do so.

Friday's weather was just beautiful.  Pretty soon, temperatures will plummet and we'll have to use our gloves and coats and scarves and boots again.  After all, spring is several months away.  Until then, we'll enjoy our sun break to the fullest.

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