Jan 5, 2013

Ballerina for a day

Lexi is a dancer at heart. She prances and she spins and she leaps and she twirls. Recently I have been pondering dance lessons for her. A friend told me about a local lady who teaches ballet out of her home. While the teacher doesn't have any open spots available in her weekly class, she did have space for Lexi in a dance camp this week. To say that Lexi was thrilled is a huge understatement. She kept saying, "I'm so exciting to go to ballet!" I love her consistent grammatical error.

When it was time to drop off my little girl, Lexi ran into class without a backward glance. Her sparkly tutu only added to her excitement exciting. I returned at the end of class to watch her performance. It didn't disappoint.

As we were leaving ballet camp, Lexi's teacher pulled me aside. She said Lexi is a born dancer. She has the perfect build, followed every instruction beautifully, and was clearly thrilled to dance during class. The teacher said she hopes to have a spot for Lexi very soon.

That would be great news for my budding ballerina.
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