Jan 24, 2013


I had the brilliant idea of trying to capture a few photos of Little Miss while she was strapped in her car seat and relatively still.  Even though my camera isn't great, she's smiling!  

Kate has not been happy lately.  She's had a flu virus, plus she's making eye teeth.  So Kate has been crying a lot and needing far more attention and cuddle time than usual. I'm glad that she seems to be returning to her happy, content personality.

Here's a video of Kate's babbling.  I love her little voice. 

The end.


Anonymous said...

bye bye and beep beep MADE MY DAY!!!!!
Michelle :)

Emma said...

She is so cute!!!

The Wizzle said...

That cheered me right up! Sweet little dimply, pigtailed, Minnie Mouse voice girl!

Amanda said...

Those pigtails are to die for!

pass it on!

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