Jan 3, 2013

Public commentary

I found this in my drafts folder and it made me laugh out loud.  These are real-life comments collected from various people (strangers and not) in my life.  With a large family, I've had to develop a thick skin.

"This is my client, Heidi, and her baby.  That's her fifth baby.  But she's done."

"Oh, so this is your baby?  You're done, right?"

"I've only been here [at my house] 30 minutes and I'm exhausted."

"I didn't think minivans had that many seat belts."

"My son and I were playing with dinosaurs and grouping them into families.  He said, 'These ones could be the Bartles!  There's a mom and a dad and a boy and a boy and a boy and a girl and a girl!  Whoa!  That's a lot of dinosaurs!"

I would add the "kids say the darndest things" tag to this post, but all of these comments came from adults.  Gotta love it.
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