Jan 21, 2013

A fond farewell

Once upon a time there was a high school sophomore named Heidi.  She was busy with cross-country and choir and seminary and homework and friends.  She had four younger siblings...and then she had five.  That new baby wrapped every family member around her little finger.  Heidi loved her so.

Baby Holly went to Heidi's choir concerts and track meets and cross country races.  Heidi mused that when Holly was singing and running in high school, Heidi would be (gasp) 30 years old.  Heidi took her along when she drove around town, but after people started thinking that Holly was Heidi's baby she quit doing that.  When Holly was two years old, Heidi moved out and went to college.  Heidi got married when Holly was four.  Holly was almost eight when Heidi's first baby was born.  By then Heidi lived five states away and rarely saw her littlest sister.

Eventually Holly was 15.  She was running and singing in high school, and Heidi was 30. She still lived far away and didn't get to see Holly doing any of those things.  Thanks to blogging and social media, the sisters kept in touch.  Then Holly graduated from Mesa High, Heidi's alma mater, and Heidi felt really old.

When she was almost 19, Holly decided to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She was called to labor in the England Birmingham mission and would report to the Missionary Training Center on February 13.  The time came for Holly's "farewell" talk, a traditional speech in church given before a missionary departs. Heidi couldn't miss it, even though she still lived far away.  She flew to Arizona to say good-bye to her little sister.

In eighteen months, when Holly returns, Heidi will journey again to the big AZ to welcome her littlest sister home.  She looks forward to celebrating Holly's wedding, the arrival of her children, and the wonderful state of living happily after.
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