Jan 29, 2013

Hey, Mom! Remember when....

...Gavin wore his white button-down shirt inside-out to church?

...Dad bought milk that had the expiration month spelled "Febuary"? were summoned to the elementary school to make sure that graphite from a pencil wasn't lodged in Zach's hind quarters?

...Kate put her hand in the toilet while Gavin was going pee?

...our Christmas lights hung on the house until January 25? couldn't find a box of your favorite pens because you hid them in that special place where children wouldn't find them? and then found them next to the Swedish Fish in your closet?

...Gavin said Kate looked dead because she had fallen asleep and had sticky red juice all over her face and clothes?

...Kate went to nursery three weeks early because you and Dad both had church responsibilities during the third hour? loved Kate attending nursery so much you almost cried in the hallway? went to the grocery store at the end of a long, hard day and cried a little as you went by the refrigerated cookie dough, which you didn't buy because you were making healthy choices, but then cried again when you got home and didn't have any?

...gasoline was $2.62 a gallon? promised Tyler that there would be brownies left when he got home, and then Gavin and Lexi ate them all? and then you made more?

...the lab didn't run the right tests on your blood, so your appointment with Dr. Expensive was pointless, and you had to fast again and go back to the lab, and then you had to wait an HOUR for three minutes with the phlebotomist, and then you were late to pick up Zach and Lexi was late to school?

...Lexi threw a rip-roaring, roof-shaking, ear-piercing tantrum because Gavin smiled at her?

...Gavin told his Primary teacher that, although most children belong to families that love each other, his older brother Zach didn't love anyone but his friends?

Yeah, I remember that, too, and one day you can laugh about it.  One day.


Emma said...

Oh I lived the tantrum "because he smiled at me" yesterday. Gotta love those!

My diet was going great until I ate the cookie dough in the fridge yesterday. I guess I'd better not have any more in the fridge.

Life is full of ups and downs.

Shannon said...

Great post! I think I'll copy your idea. Life's full of Remember Whens. Will we survive them?

GinaJ said...

Laughing about the milk that expires in "Febuary" is funny right now, right? The rest will have to wait...

pass it on!

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