Dec 6, 2012

Sometimes they still surprise ME

This afternoon I planned to get a lot done during Kate's nap but ended up crashing on the couch.  I was dead tired and just had to rest.  Gavin and Lexi were watching TV downstairs.  I snuggled under a blanket and was probably asleep in five minutes.

The next thing I knew, I was freezing cold and my neighbor Mary was calling my name.  I sat up and looked around, so confused about where I was and why I was so chilled.  I walked around the couch so I could talk to Mary for a minute.  I walked past a large pile of boxes that had not been there before my nap.  A few of them were open.  The kids' Christmas presents were strewn about.  One gift item was open and pieces were missing.  The front and back doors were wide open, letting a frigid wind inside.

The door to the garage was open, as was the door to the van.  Shopping bags from my just-with-Kate Christmas shopping trip this morning were open wide, exposing little girl gifts to the world.  I found Lexi on the stairs attacking a box housing a doll meant for Kate.

Gavin was in the kitchen, sitting on the counter with a large bowl of strawberry ice cream. I had declined his request for ice cream after lunch, but apparently a sleeping mom is an ignorant mom, so he took advantage.  He emptied one container and worked quickly on the next.  He had probably downed several bowls.

I must have been reeeeeeeally tired to have slept through all of THAT.


that's what she said...

oh my gosh! that is horrible! and i probably would've slept through every bit of it too! :)

Bridgette Knowlson said...

It must be a day for Littles to be getting into Christmas gifts. Mine did too! Sadly, I have no ice cream to be raided, but if I did, I'm sure it would have been. During my nap I found kiddos playing video games and a bag of fresh baked cinnamon pretzels devoured. Oh, the life! You truly make me feel not alone :)

Becky said...

woah! That is crazy. Merry early Christmas for you kids. Good thing they may not remember the gifts in a few weeks.

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