Dec 2, 2012

A letter to my blog readers

Dear blog readers (I imagine there are a few of you out there),

I have become one of those mothers who can't find time to blog.  How did this happen? It's like my favorite thing ever...oh, wait...I never do my favorite things any more.  But I am better with dishes and laundry and plucking my eyebrows (occasionally).  Something has to fall through the cracks besides painted toenails and that crayon I kicked under the couch last week.

It's really quite tragic that I haven't blogged lately, because I have all these great ideas:

*Basketball season

*Girls & Dolls

*Giving Brooke a major hair makeover

*Scheduling my own hair appointment for Tuesday, which feels like a great sacrifice, because I wanted my hair cut and colored at least three weeks ago, but maybe this doesn't deserve its own post

*Gavin's birthday (he's five!)

*A catalog of my Facebook statusi (is that the plural of status? or did I make that up?), which are mostly ridiculous, and therefore a representation of my real life

*Musings over the appropriateness of feeling guilty that I did not take my children to the Creche Exhibit

*My large-ish assignment for the Creche Exhibit

*A hilarious wardrobe malfunction story with a tragic ending

*Pink cowgirl boots

*Clean bathrooms vs. fingernail polish

*The Walmart Santa Claus

*Family photos in 30-degree weather

*My darling Christmas tree skirt, homemade stockings, and a pretty red star

*An editorial on holiday gift-giving and my recent epiphany regarding my standard holiday Grinchiness

See?  Wouldn't that be interesting reading?  Sometimes I think I have a word quota per day, and if I don't get my words out somehow, my head will explode.  Since I rarely interact with real live adult humans, that's probably why I like blogging so much.  As it turns out, there's been more brain matter ricocheting off the walls than typing at the computer lately.

So perhaps, when I collect the little bits of my scattered brain, and when I feel like downloading photos, and when I am content to ignore the kitchen and/or my pillow, I will blog again.  Feel free to leave a comment and encourage me because let's get real: y'all are what make this blogging thing really fun, and lately, I just haven't been feeling the love.

(Did you notice how I can dish the guilt as much as I take it?  Yeah, I'm awesome like that.)

Forever yours,

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