Dec 3, 2012

I have a problem.

I thought it would be fun to catalog my Facebook status updates for the month of November.  I spend too much time on Facebook (mostly because it's in the palm of my hand/phone), but I was totally shocked at the quantity of status updates.  I have justified my frequent browsing with my near-complete lack of contact with people in person, but this is a problem, no matter how I look at it.  

So here are the status updates I posted to Facebook for the last twelve days in November.  I am hanging my head in shame...

November 18:

Making signs for the upcoming Creche Exhibit...and remembering that when we went last year, a llama kicked Gavin in the stomach.

November 19:

Why are my children always so shocked when I tell them we are having cereal for breakfast?  It's not like this is new information...

Dodgeball for FHE.  Hilarious...and sweaty.

November 20:

Does anyone local know a great place for family pictures downtown?  We've done the more rustic look a few years running, and I'd like something more urban--a cool building or benches or walls or steps would be cool.  Any ideas?

Best zoo trip ever, thanks to my 13-year-old sidekick, Rachel.  I could get used to this!

I was a great mom all day long.  But now I don't have anything left to do the dishes or fold the laundry or finish my current church assignment.  I kind of have to pick one or the other.

November 21:

I'm always glad when I finish something I didn't think I could do.  :)

I am pleased to report that no appendages were lost or maimed in the making of Thanksgiving stuffing.  Go me.

November 22:

Feeling grateful for the man snoring in bed beside me, the girl laying cross-wise on my pillow, the baby who woke me at 5:00 a.m., the towhead on the couch, and the two boys in bunk beds downstairs.  My house is full, my heart is full, and today I give thanks for my abundance.

Another thing to be grateful for today.  Garry took the kids to the park and found two of our children's coats, which have been missing for several days.  I am so glad there are good, honest people in the world, and that we live so close to a park, and that the weather is great today, and that Garry took the kids on an outing, and that I don't have to buy two new coats this week.  Yay!

November 23:

It seems absurd to decorate for Christmas on November 23.  But Thanksgiving has passed, right?

The fact that I looked in the back of the piano for Kate's missing shoe says a lot about my life.  (P.S. Family pictures are in 2.5 hours and it's still missing...)

Zach and Tyler and two buddies braved the 32-degree weather to jump on the trampoline.  They came in after five minutes, not because of the cold, but because they were afraid of the dark.  I guess they are still kids after all.

Anyone local want a foosball table for $50?

November 24:

Dreamed my family entered the witness protection program to escape the Russian mob.

Would anyone like to buy a $25 gift card for $20?  I have a really old one we'll never use.

I got hooked on Downton Abbey this week.  Too bad Netflix only has the first season.

Longing for fresh air and ice cream.  And also sleep.  Is this a feasible triad?

November 25:

Had an uncontrollable giggling fit in the middle of sacrament meeting.  Good thing I was sitting next to someone [Valerie Woodruff] who didn't give me the evil eye for my irreverence.

November 26:

I think I've become a hardcore runner.  I just finished three miles outdoors.  It is 26 degrees and windy.  Holy coldness!

Just put in my first volunteer hours at the elementary school for the first time in at least three years.  I typed up a story test on my home computer and emailed it to the teacher.  This is a good fit for my life!

Lexi calls our home phone "the pretend phone." 

Getting ready to print 415 placards for the Creche Exhibit this weekend.  Deadline: tomorrow morning.  Nothing like the very last minute.

November 27:

This mama isn't made for 1:00 a.m.  Who wants to sponsor my nap?

Attention Boy Scouters: What 11-year-old scout merit badge books are worth buying?  I'm getting mixed messages from Zach's leaders.

I painted Lexi's nails red on Friday, but she's begging for a repeat.  I told her I'd paint her nails purple when the whole house is clean.  Poor girl thinks that's going to be today.

November 28:

My day involves DayQuil and lots of tissues.  'nuff said.

My computer/project room is starting to fill up with boxes.  I love online shopping.

Reason #3,247 that this mama can't let her guard down for one minute.  Those are serving spoons, in case you were wondering.

[picture: cool whip]

I think my Crockpot bit the dust.  The chicken that has been cooking on high for several hours is still partially raw.  Sad day...and now we have no dinner.  Taco Bell, anyone?

November 29:

While I was browsing Facebook, Gavin came in and rummaged through an open Amazon box.  "Who's that scooter for?"  Dang.  His birthday is tomorrow.

I can't breathe out of my nose, but I think I'm high on Mod Podge.

Why use a toilet when you have a driveway?

Ordered Christmas cards.  Kate is crying in our family photo, which is kind of like Gavin having a black eye in his school pictures.  This is our real life, people.

November 30:

I can't believe it!  Gavin (and I) made it to his fifth birthday!


Here's something I thought I'd never say: I just finished sweeping a bucket of sand off the trampoline.

Did any of my local friends get a nice photo of the live nativity at the Creche Exhibit?  Mine didn't turn out, and if you're willing to share, I'd love to put one in the ward newsletter. :)

Gavin ended his birthday with a bang...actually, it was a puke, all over his brand-new bedding, stuffed animals, and the floor.  Many thanks to Garry for handling the mess.  Perhaps one day I'll have the stomach for other people's bodily fluids.
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