Dec 23, 2012

basketball season

The clock ran out on basketball season last week, which calls for a little documentation.

Tyler (#3) played for the first time with the YMCA this year and loved every minute.  He practiced on Wednesday nights and had games every Saturday afternoon at a nearby middle school.  He did a great job for a first-timer, even though we only have this photo (sorry, Ty!) to capture the season's memories.

Zach (#20)improved a lot during his second season, developing better ball control and hustling during the game.  It was fun to watch his team play at a little higher level than last year. Zach practiced on Monday nights (after Family Home Evening, of course!) and had games early on Saturday mornings--usually at 8:30.

Gavin (#20) was a very enthusiastic player.  He made a few great shots during practices and games on Saturdays.  His little team was so fun to watch.  No one kept score.  The kids (and parents) were just there to have fun.  

Lexi was jealous that she didn't play basketball this year.  She enjoyed being part of the family cheering section, though, and wanted to attend every one of her brothers' games.

Zach and Tyler will participate in the winter season of YMCA basketball beginning in January.  Gavin is disappointed that his age group doesn't play in the winter. The boys all seem to love the sport!
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