Dec 20, 2012

Snapshots of happiness

Sometimes there are precious moments that I have to capture on camera.  Later I can look at my pictures and remember that fun, happy times exists among the chaotic ones.

Like this one, with kids playing at the sink.  That water kept them busy for a good long time.  Their play only got a little out of hand but the water was easily mopped up with a bath towel.

Also on the kitchen theme: Kate has learned to climb the oven.  Of course I don't love this, or the implications, but I have to admit that this picture is pretty adorable anyway.

Garry took Tyler, Gavin, and Lexi to a movie over Thanksgiving break.  (Zach chose an outing with a friend instead.) That was lots of fun for kids who rarely go to a movie theater.  Lexi only had to use the bathroom four times during the show.

Then there was the evening that the Beehives attended the Timberview band concert.  We had a great time (even though we had to sit on the floor during the 7th grade band performance) as we enjoyed seeing fellow Beehives show their musical talents.  I love my girls.  And the hot chocolate afterward was delicious.

The kids built a "family fort of awesomeness" in the basement one laundry day.  They took all of my laundry baskets/hampers to create their fort.  We left it there for several days, mostly because Tyler's sign was so dang cute.

Lexi and I attended the Creche exhibit a few weeks ago.  I mainly wanted to see all of the signs I created posted in their proper places throughout the church, but Lexi and I also watched the live nativity, enjoyed musical performances, and viewed hundreds of beautiful nativity sets. This lousy photo documents the event.

Garry got an advance on his Christmas gift money and purchased a car stereo for our 13-year-old car that keeps on tickin'.  He installed the stereo components all by himself.

The happy moment related to my extensive wrinkled shirt collection came when I caught up.  (Simple pleasures.)

The end.

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Colleen said...

The good times are so, well, good. So glad you captured them! I, too, love a nice check off the to-do list! :)

pass it on!

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