Dec 7, 2012

Mr. Five

Gavin turned five on Friday.  By all accounts he had a fantastic day.

He was up early to open his gifts.  The sweet boy was absolutely thrilled with everything...and he was spoiled.  Mom and Dad gave him new bedding and re-covered name letters for his wall.  He received a scooter and a flexible tunnel from Grandma and Grandpa Bartle, and a soccer net from Granny and Gramps.  The tunnel is popular with the siblings, as well.

Gavin got several birthday cards in the mail.  Checking the mailbox delighted him to no end, and he was disappointed when the mail no longer held surprises for him. A day or two after his birthday, Gavin was delighted to spend the money his sweet great-grandparents sent.  With no direction from me, he bought a camouflage hoodie, a Batman belt, a Spiderman puzzle, a purple ball, and a jar of noise putty.

It was so fun to see Gavin enjoy his birthday presents.  We had fantastic weather for November 30, so Gavin and Lexi spent the entire morning on wheels or with balls.  They had a blast.

We went to Costco for lunch.  I needed to pick up groceries and Christmas cards and Gavin adores the food court, so we made a birthday date out of it.  Gavin played catch with his new Broncos football (a sibling gift) as we walked around, and then he sat on it during lunch.

Gavin was thrilled with his bedroom makeover.  He loves the plain green (cheap) bed spread, soft sheets, and name letters.  I just love that he loves it.

I made Gavin's birthday cake that afternoon.  He had requested a "world cake," so I came up with a simple plan.  The strawberry cake he requested was super sticky, though, and one side became a crumbly mess.  Oh, well.  Gavin was completely thrilled with the outcome, and since he gouged out finger-sized helpings of cake and frosting all afternoon, I wasn't too worried about the cake's dreadful appearance.  The three Littles all helped polish off the leftover frosting.

After school, I forced the big boys to play outside in the warm sun until dark.  They started a football game with a neighbor and let Gavin join.  He was in heaven!  

Then, after dinner, Gavin had cake and ice cream.  He picked out his own candles from our stash and thought very carefully before making a wish and blowing out the flames.  I took some funny video of this little event.  What a charming boy.

Happy Five, Mr. G!  Only six more years until you are 11!


Colleen said...

Happy birthday, Gavin!

Becky said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful day! I can't get over the fact that he is five. I guess I still picture him as the cute, chubby, smiling baby we saw when we came to church our first Sunday in CO. Happy Birthday Gavin!

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