Dec 9, 2012

Be still my heart

I was getting ready for a church meeting this morning when Garry ran into our bedroom to grab his phone.  He said, "I've got to hurry and capture a picture before the moment passes."  Curious, I slid into shoes and a coat and followed him out the door.

Outside I saw the most beautiful thing: Zach was shoveling the driveway.  We got a few inches of snow last night, and I knew that the boys were out playing in it, but I had no idea they were working, too.  

And then, the moment Garry wanted to capture came into my view.  Gavin was shoveling our neighbor's driveway. My spunky little five-year-old who didn't want to help Zach shovel OUR driveway wanted to help Katie instead.  Our family hasn't had the best relationship with Katie (naughty kids don't make us great neighbors to have), but Garry and I have generally kept her driveway free of snow in the winter.  Seeing Gavin carry on the tradition made my heart swell with joy.

Maybe the kids are paying attention after all.
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