Dec 9, 2012

If it looks like a duck and talks like a duck...

...then it must be a duck.  Or in this case, the Christmas season.

We Bartles are a little slow to get with the program, but we have finally arrived.  Here are a few of the signs around our house that confirm this statement.

Outdoor house lights.

New homemade stockings--from A to Z.

A decorated tree.

A darling tree skirt.

Converting our countdown chart from a chalkboard to a whiteboard, thanks to my awesome vinyl-letter-making friend, Polly.


Gifts for the neighbors and school teachers.

Wrapping presents from us and the extended family--and hiding them in the attic--so the naughty children in this house don't raid them again.

Seeing Santa at Walmart.

Making plans for doll cradle painting, and bedding to go with it.  (So excited.)

Evidence of little hands at work.

What are the signs of the season in your neck of the woods?  I'm finally feeling the magic in the air.


Grandma said...

Everything looks great! Snow makes it look so Christmasy. I love the picture of the girls looking out the window.

Emma said...

The stockings look great! OK everything does! Around here we are almost decorated as well. We have several advents, but I can't seem to remember to do them every day. It smells like Christmas today because the gingerbread I baked this morning (for our annual gingerbread house decorating tonight), and because of the oranges that were peeled for school lunches. Mmm!

Colleen said...

Your stockings are so cute and that tree skirt is great! You sure are talented, m'dear! And oh how I love Kate's look at Santa! Hilarious!

pass it on!

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