Jan 21, 2011

While the cat's away....

Today Garry left for work before breakfast and I had to be ready to leave by 8:45. That meant I had to shower before taking the kids to school.

I always wonder what disaster awaits when I get out of the shower. Four kids "alone" in the house, left to their own devices for ten minutes....that's usually a recipe for disaster. I gave Zach and Tyler very specific instructions: (1) get dressed (no shorts!); (2) get backpacks ready; and (3) keep an eye on Gavin and Lexi.

When I emerged from my bedroom five minutes before school departure time, the boys were dressed in shorts and t-shirts (current temperature: 22 degrees), Zach couldn't find a shoe, and Tyler's homework was missing. The boys still got to school on time, but their departure wasn't a smooth process.

Then, a few minutes ago, I downloaded photos from my camera. I was expecting about 10. There were 66. What follows is a selection of photos taken by Gavin this morning while I was in the shower. With a three-year-old snap-happy brother following them around, no wonder Zach and Ty had trouble staying on task!

This photo documents the time, and also the fact that a Ziploc bag of medicine has been sitting on the top of the corner cabinet since, oh, September.

There were at least a dozen shots of the front room blinds:

Lexi was still in her pajamas, and rather aromatic to boot:

Proof that Gavin was there, too:

And so were his siblings:

Zach shows off his new sock (also known as missing shoe) and bare legs:

Who knows whose nose?

Tyler is a ham for the camera...and also kind of weird:

This is what the boys think of Mom's rules during shower time:

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