Jan 23, 2011


Last Thursday, Gavin and Lexi had a joint well-child check-up. I originally scheduled it for December 1, when Lexi was 18 months and Gavin was just three. But that turned out to be the week that Lexi needed antibiotic shots for ear infections, so we bumped it back two weeks. I have rescheduled twice since then. So on Thursday I dragged myself out of bed and took them to the doctor.

This wasn't our first joint check-up, but apparently we haven't figured out how to get through them smoothly. Luckily the kids' doctor is a gem and takes all the craziness with a grain of salt. I appreciate her compassion!

Gavin liked being weighed on the big scale and measured against the wall. This was also the first time a nurse had ever taken his blood pressure. I was impressed that he would hold still. Gavin weighs 37.8 pounds (90th percentile) and is 39.25 inches tall (90th percentile). His blood pressure was 78/54 (I'm assuming that's normal for his age).

Lexi wanted to be weighed on the big scale, but her half-pint status didn't allow it. The nurse took all her measurements in the exam room. She had to wait in a state of undress, but Gavin got a gown. Lexi weighs 21 pounds, 10 ounces (10th percentile) and is 31.25 inches tall (20th percentile). Her head circumference is in the 60th percentile.

Before the doctor came in, I had to fill out about 10 pages of developmental surveys for Gavin and Lexi. I was pretty surprised at some of the questions, but between that and my discussion with the doctor, I left feeling good about my kids' progress. Gavin and Lexi both chatted up a storm, climbed in and out of the cupboards, helped themselves to the water faucet and Band-Aids, and attempted to escape the room numerous times. Motor skills: check. Language: check.

And then came immunizations. Gavin only needed one, but Lexi, bless her heart, got five. Ouch. Some people might call me a hardcore mom for allowing five pokes in one visit. Maybe I am! I just know how hard it is to get out these days, so this appointment had to be a one-time deal. Lexi was brave.

Then the kids got dressed. We all bundled in coats and hats and gloves and boots.

I wasn't a bit surprised when Gavin and Lexi fell asleep on the way home.

After getting them in bed, I followed their lead. It was an exhausting morning.
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