Jan 7, 2011

family faves

garry's faves:
new adidas socks
mondo mug of water
the barnes & noble nook he won @ work
chillaxin' on the couch
taco bell 'n mt. dew
sunday naps

heidi's faves:
school in session
any-day naps
candy cane oreos 'n milk
everybody loves raymond reruns
women's conference talks on tv

zach's faves:
wearing shorts in frigid weather
spiking his hair
lego harry potter on the ps3
guinness book of world records
hex bugs
having feet as big as mom's
writing 'z' on furniture and walls
wall-sits (record: 8 minutes)

tyler's faves
getting too tall for all of his pants
reading the book of mormon
learning @ school
using "awkward" in a sentence

gavin's faves
new snow boots
changing clothes six times a day
stanley the bear
sneaking yogurt from the fridge
jumping in lexi's crib
earning time-out

lexi's faves
feeding baby abby in the high chair
old macdonald, chicken verse
sleeping through the night (on her pillow)
annie (mom's friend)
saying "self"....and meaning it!

{Just for the record: I copied my cute sister....again.}
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