Jan 10, 2011

Driveway deal

This afternoon I offered Zach five bucks to shovel the driveway. He was thrilled.

I laughed when he went out in the ten-degree weather
in a light jacket, shorts, and snow boots.

That lasted about two minutes.

Once properly attired, he set to work again.

Zach quickly learned that if the driveway doesn't get shoveled before cars drive on it, "shoveling" actually means "scraping." Scraping is a lot more work.

Zach actually admitted to getting cold during the process.
He started around 4:30, and the sun sets around 5:30.
By the time he finished, the temperature was about 5 degrees.

Hopefully Zach and I can strike a deal with the driveway chore this winter.
I'm really sick of shoveling.
Passing the buck (or five bucks, in this case) seems like a great idea.
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