Jan 16, 2011

I'm a Mormon Mommy Blogger

I hopped over to my sister-in-law's blog this morning and found a link to this fascinating article about Mormon Mommy Bloggers. The author is a self-proclaimed "feminist atheist who can't bake a cupcake" and finds herself addicted to the culture she sees in a smattering of blogs authored by popular LDS mothers.

To me, the article was equal parts amusing and thought-provoking. In my view, the author's blogging sample set is pretty skewed. But as I read, I pondered why I blog, and, more importantly, why I have chosen a life as a wife and mother. My life isn't always the "shiny, happy" life that other bloggers portray, but it's a good life, and I'm glad to have it.

After reading the article, I responded (at the bottom of page 17 of the comments section) with the letter below. I would love to hear your perspective -- both of the article and my response.


Dear Emily,

I'm a Mormon Mommy blogger, and while my blog most certainly doesn't fall in the sugar-coating, craft-creating, perfect-life-portraying segment of the blogosphere you find so addicting, I hope it is uplifting. I'm a very real, very busy mom of four (going on five), and my blog is a slice of that very real life. But amidst the stories of the failed grocery shopping trip, the frustrating home improvement project, the recurring ear infections, and the husband's endless work hours, I share the beautiful moments, too. The unexpected "I love you" from a toddler, the family game night, the hilarious dinner conversation, the victory at school, the spiritual "a-ha" -- THOSE are the moments that make a mom's job so rewarding. I catalog them all (sometimes leaving out the worst and also the best).

I think most of my readers could be categorized like me: 30-something stay-at-home Mormon moms with a handful of kids. But if that's the only label we get, it's unfair. I am a woman of depth, of faith, of character, of humor, of wisdom. I have a brain and like to use it. I am choosing to apply what talents and skills and life experience I have to the rearing of a happy family. I'm devoting my efforts every day to the future of our society. You and I are just doing that in different ways.

As I blog, I don't aspire to convert anyone to my faith, but if a reader leaves my blog with a new thought or a happier heart, I feel like I have succeeded. If I can endow a fellow mommy (Mormon or not) with a greater sense of purpose when her shirt is covered in spit-up and her laundry pile reaches the ceiling, I'm pleased to do it. And if my kids have a thorough history of their daily family life to peruse when they are older, so much the better.

Thank you for your interesting perspective. I've got something new to chew on today.


Heidi Bartle


P.S. Emily, if you are reading this, I'd love for you to leave a comment!

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