Jan 4, 2011

So far this week

We are still on Winter Break in these parts. School doesn't start until Thursday. It's mostly crazy, but we're doing our best to enjoy the time! I am spending a disproportionate amount of time in pajamas, which is absolutely glorious. Despite our general laziness, we do have a few newsworthy items to share.

(1) Gavin split his lip during some rough play with his brothers on Saturday afternoon. We contemplated stitches for a time, but visions of Gavin strapped to a papoose board turned my stomach. We decided to watch and wait, since the injury didn't seem too serious. Here's the progression over three days. I think we made the right choice!

(2) It has been pretty chilly outside! Gone are the quick runs in stocking feet to grab something from the garage. Shoes and a coat are required! Even Zachary deigns to don a light jacket when venturing out. That means COLD!

(3) Gavin joined the Sunbeam class on Sunday with a grin and a wave. He was completely thrilled to be there, and Lexi happily attended her nursery class. Garry and I have entered a new phase of church attendance. We can hardly comprehend the miracle.

(4) Zach and Tyler would be content to spend 24 hours a day in the manner shown below. "Zoned out" is their favorite mode. School-day screen-time rules will come back soon!

(5) Lexi is bulking up today before her pre-surgery fast tonight. She is also refusing pants. At least she is compliant with a diaper today.

(6) Gavin just greeted me with this conversation:

Gavin: I'm going outside now.

Heidi: No, you're not.

Gavin: I'm sorry but I have to go outside. (Puts on jacket.)

Heidi: Why? It's cold!

Gavin: Because I want to and you said I couldn't so now I have to.

Heidi: (Laughing.)

Gavin: Can you zip me up?

(7) Tyler is taking seriously our family challenge to read the Book of Mormon every day. His reading position cracks me up, but maybe he internalizes the doctrine better that way.

(8) This fabulous treadmill is getting a serious workout today! Doesn't it look tired already?

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