Jan 19, 2011

20 months

Miss Lexi is 20 months old. I'm not really sure how that happened! I dressed her up this morning in preparation for some pictures to commemorate the special day (which was actually Sunday), but before I could get out the camera, she spilled grape juice down her shirt. Such is life with the girl who follows her mischievous big brother around like a puppy dog.

So included in this post are some darling pictures from last week. They are appropriate for marking her current age because they show some of her favorites. She loves baby Abby, Betsy the dog, playing in her bedroom, and wearing that particular outfit. If ever given a choice, Lexi always chooses the purple pants. I bought those pants (and a matching jacket) when I was pregnant with Tyler and convinced he was a girl. I found a shirt to go with them on a Christmas clearance rack. Thus Lexi's favorite outfit was born.

Lexi's vocabulary continues to amaze and entertain us. One of her most delightful words is "Alexis." She says each syllable very deliberately. She also says "breakfast," "Backidans" (for Backyardigans, her favorite TV show), and phrases like, "help me out," "take it off," "open this,"and "shoes on." Lexi has started to ask to go places, but she can't say "g" sounds. So I always hear, "Doh, Mommy, Doh." That's my clue that she desires to leave the premesis. We haven't had much of that lately.

Lexi has seen a lot of Mommy puking the last couple of weeks. I'm a pretty loud vomiter, so she always comes running when she hears me in the bathroom. She stands silently by until I'm finished, but when I'm done, she starts making retching noises of her own. When I look at her with a sympathetic eye, she says, "Mommy puke." I take comfort in the fact that she won't remember these days!

Lexi loves books. She still prefers reading them to herself, rather than sitting in my lap for a story, but I am pleased with her level of interest. She also enjoys puzzles and is working on her dexterity.

Nighttime sleep continues to be a problem. Lexi wakes up two or three times a night, usually inconsolable. Knowing her ears are fixed is a great relief, but the incoming eye teeth are giving her grief. Plus, she probably wakes up out of habit now. Garry spends a lot of time consoling her at night, but when it's my turn, she just comes to bed with me. Maybe when I am feeling better, we'll iron out better sleep habits for both of us.

Lexi absolutely adores her siblings. During the day she often cries for "Zachawy" and "Tywuh." When she wakes up in the morning or after a nap, she says "Damin" (Gavin) before "Hi, Mom." She loves running around with them, playing games with them, or convincing them to raid the fridge or pantry for her. She can't open doors yet, but that rarely stops her from getting what she wants!

Lexi loves the little trampoline in the basement. She is probably our most prolific jumper. She likes goldfish and raisins. She likes helping with the "wandwee" (laundry). She likes rocking in her rocking chair, pushing her babies in the stroller, wrapping her babies in blankets, music and dancing, changing her shoes ten times a day, and raiding Mommy's makeup. She's a darling little girl, and we're glad to have her!
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