May 17, 2008

Zoo Highlights

The Bartle boys and the Lyman boys had a fun zoo outing yesterday. It was such a fun reprieve from packing! We started early but the hot sun still zapped our energy after a few hours.

When I got home I realized I only took pictures of three animals along the way...probably because I was so busy trying to keep track of six little hyenas.
At any rate, here are the highlights of our trip:

Each boy had his own map (at least in the beginning), as well as his own opinions about which animals we should see. Zach was intent on visiting the African Savanna, while Alex wanted to find an ATM and a photo booth.

Stellar Cove and its sea creatures is my favorite part of the zoo. I think the boys enjoyed the tide pool simply because it was wet.

Gavin seemed to enjoy himself in spite of the heat. He wore shorts for the first time in his little life and seemed very intrigued by his hat, too. He kept grabbing the brim and pulling it over his eyes.

The train ride around the zoo may have been the best part of the day. We were the last people on and had to split our group between several benches.

Alex got his front seat and pretended to be an engineer.

Gavin and I experimented with self-portraiture.

We spent a long time at Lorikeet Landing.
The boys loved feeding these colorful birds.

By the end of our trip, all of the boys were vying for a seat
in the stroller next to Jackson.

Thanks for a super fun day, friends!
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