May 7, 2008

This is the place

We have a house! Today we signed papers to make it official -- our offer is accepted, and we're so excited!

Our search ultimately led us to the house that was my favorite from the beginning. It was a tough choice between this one and the home that needed renovating, but we know this is the right place for our family. I thought you'd all like a little tour.

The front of the house.

The dining area is visible from the front door. Kinda quirky, but still doable. Unfortunately our new dining set won't work here...anyone want to buy it?

Another view of the dining area. Instead of a chair and lamp, we'll put our baby grand in the left corner.

The kitchen/great room.

Another view of the kitchen. You can see the front door on the right, as well as a bit of the front room. To the left is the door to the back porch.

The east side of the kitchen. To the left of the photo is a big pantry.

The master bedroom is on the main level.

And here we have the only bummer feature of the whole house: a tiny master bathroom. There is space, however, to remodel in the future.

This will be Gavin's room. A mirror-image bedroom is also on this floor.

The basement recreation room is huge - probably my favorite room in the house.

The entertainment part of the rec room.

This will be Zachary and Tyler's bedroom. They are excited to live downstairs!

The garage. The built-in cabinets will stay. Pets and junk will not.

The back porch and the west side of the yard. We'll probably put a play structure in the corner of the yard to the left of what is pictured.

Another part of the backyard. The trampoline is not included.

The back corner of the yard.

The other side yard. We have almost a quarter acre of land!

This park is on the other other side of our back fence.

The house is at the top of a quiet culdesac - perfect for bike riding.

And this is our agent, Tony Clement. He has been so great to work with. We'd recommend him to anyone!

All in all, I couldn't be happier about the new place. I really feel that we were led to the home that will be perfect for the next chapter of our family's life. Things have gone so smoothly since Garry and I have been in Colorado Springs. We've had a marvelous time here, and Gavin has been quite a trooper! What a sweet baby. We are set to close on the new home on June 5, a week after we close in Beaverton. I have some anxiety about the timing of the move, but since the Lord has taken care of us thus far, I'm sure he'll clear the path in the future.

Thanks for supporting us in our adventure!

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