May 13, 2008

Farewell to the fauxhawk

I have loved Gavin's hair since birth. From the amazing blond-ness to the funky rooster tail, Gavin's hair has just been a delightful part of his appearance.

Sadly, his hair started falling out last month and I was shocked to discover this weekend that his head has taken on the appearance of a molting bird. Entire sections of his scalp were reduced to 1/4-inch peach fuzz while tufts of longer, wispy hair remained in other places. Gavin's cuteness wasn't compromised, mind you, but his hair still needed some attention.

So with a sigh of resignation, I buzzed his hair yesterday. He sat in the bathroom sink, entirely nonchalant about the whirring clippers scraping his scalp. He was far more interested in the black cape draped around him, which immediately became a chew toy.

I miss Gavin's hair already, but the new tennis ball look is growing on me.
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