May 16, 2008


So I've started the big ugly chore of packing.

Thank goodness I packed half the house in January.
Still, it's a rather daunting task that requires
deep breaths,
focused and sustained energy,
and regular doses of chocolate.

And perhaps a box of tissues.

I started in the two worst rooms: the kitchen and the garage.
Things have to get easier from here, right?
(At least packing-wise. I expect the need for tissues will get worse.)

I was so grateful all day that the glorious sun was shining.
It was more than 90 degrees outside.
Zachary and Tyler played in the backyard for hours.

They had much more latitude than usual with the water spigot.
They made a huge mess and had a blast.
And I got so much done!

Gavin, as usual, was the sweetest thing.
He spent a lot of time in the jumper.
He spent a lot of time in the swings (indoor and outdoor).
And he spent a lot of time sleeping.
I've never been so grateful for his personality.

After such a long day, Garry stayed home with the boys
and I went to the Relief Society quarterly birthday dinner
and a song practice with Julie, Angie, and Krista.

I had a hard time parting with such good company,
even though it was emotionally tiring to so carefully avoid
hard subjects that would make us all cry.

Two weeks until we drive away. Two weeks.
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