Feb 14, 2013

[Some of] my favorite people

I have a random collection of photos, each of which deserves its own post, but since I've become the girl who only blogs once a week, I've decided to lump them together.  So, in no particular order (promise), here are a few of the people I adore.

I love Kate's pigtails.  And her laugh, and her cuddles, and so much more.

I love that these girls make me laugh and make me feel loved. I also love the girl who didn't make it to our activity, and the girl who refused to be photographed.  And my co-Beehive leader.

This guy is great.  I enjoy our [often one-sided] conversations in the car between the middle school and the elementary school every day.  I love his hair and his basketball skills.  And the way he plays with Kate.

I love Sister Dixon, who just left for her mission in England yesterday. She sent a letter to the family, letting us know she arrived safely.  Peace out for 18 months, Holly!

This lady has been one of my favorites for a long time.  It was fun to see her in Mesa.

These family peeps will be some of my favorites forever and always.

These ladies are part of the Young Women presidency.  Love them.

I heart my mama.

This picture is so Gavin.  He definitely has my heart.  I love his enthusiasm and energy. And someday I will love his creative, curious drive when he cures cancer. Or something amazing like that.

For the Blue & Gold cub scout banquet, these two guys made watermelon cake pops.  I loved seeing them work together.  I love how much Garry is involved with our children's activities.  I love that he likes to try new things.  I love that Tyler follows his father's example in that regard.

This little missy is a charmer, too.  I love her loves of twirly skirts and fairies and preschool.  I love her squeaky little voice and her mispronunciations.

I love all of these people.  And I'm glad they are mine to love.
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