Feb 18, 2013

All fancy and stuff

A few weeks ago I concocted a crazy plan to have a formal dinner in honor of Valentines Day.  Since Garry and I had a dinner-and-movie date planned for Thursday, our fancy feast was on Sunday.  We borrowed a tablecloth and got out our china and crystal for the very first time (they were wedding gifts).  Some last-minute plan changes stressed me out, but the dinner ended up being fun and tasty.

We ate heart-shaped chicken pot pie, raspberry cream salad, red Jell-o, and Sprite chilled with Koolaid ice cubes.  We enjoyed a pazookie and ice cream for dessert.

And guess what?  No one broke any of the china or crystal!  We might do this again sometime.


Adri said...

So fun! What is pazookie?

Sylvia Bunker said...

I love it. I think we have the same China. I knew I liked you great taste. :)

GinaJ said...

That looks so fun!

pass it on!

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