Feb 21, 2013

Kate: 18 months

Kate is eighteen months old.  A year and a half!  I kind of can't believe that so much time has passed since this happy day.  I'm so glad our delightful little not-so-much-of-a-baby is in our family.

I love Kate's stage right now.  She's darling and happy and capable and relatively independent.  She laughs and babbles and putters.  She gives yummy hugs and sweet kisses and soothing snuggles.  Kate has another side, too.  She throws amazing tantrums and whines a lot and gets into everything.  Fortunately her charming side wins.

Some of Kate's favorites:

Chocolate milk
The Backyardigans
Lexi's doll house
Dipping food into sauce
Piggy bank toy
The pantry
Having her hair done
Saying "no"
Footie jammies
The great outdoors
Going places other than home
YMCA child watch

Some of Kate's not-favorites:

Her car seat
Having her hair done
Diaper changes
Being left behind
Being confined
Being quiet
Sitting still

To celebrate Kate's 18-month milestone, she went to the doctor for a check-up and shots.  The most traumatic part of the visit turned out to be our walk up the building's stairs.  I tripped and nearly dropped Kate and injured my hand.  Once we were in the office, however, Kate cooperated beautifully and had a great time (except for the immunization part).  Later that day, we all enjoyed an afternoon snack of Oreos and milk.  Turns out Kate's a fan of those, too.

Kate isn't much of a talker yet.  I'm slightly concerned, but hope that the next six months will bring a larger vocabulary.  Part of the problem is that I have relied on Kate's pacifier far too much, so I finally ditched that this week.  I cut tiny holes in all the binkies, rendering them useless.  When Kate sticks one in her mouth, she makes a funny face, like it tastes sour or something.  I tell her the binky is broken and encourage her to throw it away.  That hasn't happened yet, but hopefully Kate will decide on her own to officially get rid of the binky.  Waaaaa....I'll miss it.

Since Kate is our last child, every milestone she reaches is bittersweet.  I want her to stay little so I can savor every sweet moment of each stage.  I also enjoy the excitement and liberation that come as she grows.  Here's to the next 18 months, Miss Kate!
Post-edit: 18 months stats
Weight: 24.3lbs (72%), Height: 32in (58%), Head: 18.9in (90%), BMI: 16.6


Adri said...

She is so cute! And, I can totally relate to the bitter sweet of growing up. Shouldn't your last child get to do each age twice, just to make it all last longer? I think so! ;)

Colleen said...

I know just how you feel. I am a total mush for every tiny milestone Tommy hits! What a sweet girl. I love Oreos and milk too!

Shannon said...

I too understand watching the last one grow. But know this, there are liberating times ahead, my friend! Enjoy it!

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