Feb 27, 2013

New Beginnings (in jeans)

Every year around this time, the Young Women organization at church has a meeting called New Beginnings.  All of the girls turning 12 throughout the year are invited to attend (since they join Young Women at age 12), and the young women and leaders put on a little program highlighting the Personal Progress program and some other feel-good motivational stuff.  Traditionally this is a formal event, but this year, one of our 13-year-old girls was in charge and she decided on a sports theme for our meeting.  It was fantastic.

I should have brought along my nice camera, but alas, I forgot. So, from a cell phone's grainy perspective, I give you GAME DAY.

The main idea, found here, was a tailgate party.  Decorations were simple and sporty.  Our president had a great tent to use for concessions.  My job was all of the printed details: invitations, program, playbook, and a couple little things.

To kick off the meeting, the Young Women leaders performed a cheer about the Young Women values.  It was hilarious, and, to my utter astonishment, I did not die of embarrassment while yelling and waving my arms in front of real live human beings (performing is NOT my thing). Some of the older girls shared spotlights on our "new recruits," or the girls who turn 12 this year. Our speakers (an awesome lady in our ward, and our bishop) shared great messages about teamwork and goal setting and leadership. Part of the bishop's message included this video (grab a tissue).

We also played Personal Progress basketball, which is a game I made up the last time I worked with the young women, back in 2006.  You can find that here.

Concessions included nachos, peanuts, candy, and soda.  

                    (our party planner/MVP)

Fun was had by all.  And, even though my jobs were behind the scenes, I'm really glad it's over.  On to the next mountain: the ward newsletter, which I must publish in about 40 hours.
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