Feb 21, 2013

French Toast

If you leave Gavin in the kitchen,
He'll probably ask for some French Toast.
If you give him some French Toast, 
He'll want some syrup to go with it. 
Touching the syrup will make him all sticky, 
So he'll take his plate to your bed. 
When he gets to your bed, he'll see his sister. 
Seeing his sister will remind him that he needs a partner in crime,
so he asks for her help. 
Between bites of toast, they spread syrup on the laundry. 
Dirtying the clean clothes isn't fun enough,
so they turn to your sheets. 
Playing in sticky sheets reminds Gavin of a giant napkin,
so he wipes his face on your pillow. 
Then he and his sister have a pillow fight. 
The pillow fight makes enough noise to draw your attention.
Gavin will try to hide. 
After discovering the mess in your bedroom, you confiscate the sticky plate.
Gavin asks for a final lick. 
But chances are, if you give him a lick of syrup,
he'll want French Toast to go with it.

{If you haven't read this delightful children's book series, you should.}
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