Feb 27, 2013

Cell phone stories PLUS

Here's the latest.

Family Home Evening (that's a chef's hat atop a sleeping Daddy):

A view of the neighbor's yard a few hours before a blizzard:

Grocery shopping with the Littles:

Annoying stuff with pillows and blankets (that's my closet):

Making copies at the church while two young women worked on a bulletin board:

My bed at 10:00 p.m. on laundry day:

BONUS from Gavin...

During Kate's nap:

Gavin: Can you wash this hoodie?
Heidi: Wanna help me with laundry?
Gavin: Yes!  Wait, there's my bike!
Heidi: If you put on a coat and gloves, a bike ride would be fantastic.
Gavin: Nah, doing laundry sounds way more fun than riding a bike in the cold.

Heidi: OK, just close the door and then you can turn on the washer.
Gavin: Like this?
Heidi: Yep, now hit the power button.
Gavin: Don't you mean the play button?
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