Feb 18, 2013


Tyler turned nine this week.  He's been excited about this day since Christmas, when he started a paper chain to count down the days.  In January he posted a wish list on the fridge.  He added to it occasionally, using large lettering and arrows to indicate his most preferred presents.  On his wish list were an i-Pod Touch, Minecraft (an online computer game), tools, a hot breakfast, a family party, and the game Power Grid.  We did our best to accommodate his desires, but also to fulfill some needs and wants he didn't realize he had.

On the morning of his birthday, Tyler woke up Garry and I pretty early.  "Mom and Dad, would 6:15 be a good time to open my presents?"  "What time is it?"  "6:15."  "OK...."

So we started the day early.  And Tyler was thrilled.

When the gift opening ended, he was $60 richer, had a warm jacket and new clothes, and was the happy owner of sculpting clay and tools, an electricity experiments kit, a fun game, a cartooning sketch book, and an activation code for Minecraft.  Thanks to the generous family members who contributed to Tyler's haul.

Tyler had a great day at school.  He took donuts to share with his classmates, who yelled, "Happy Birthday, Tyler!" at 1:00, the minute he was born.  At home, he played with his electricity kit, ate a dinner of his favorite foods, and blew out candles on a donut cake.  At the end of it, Tyler said he'd had a terrific birthday and gave me a big hug.  When a birthday boy goes to bed happy on his special day, I consider the birthday a success.

Since then, Tyler has used his new tools to dismantle a broken CD player and a broken microwave.  He has also sculpted a mask out of clay and experimented with electricity. Tyler also wears his jacket all the time.

Tyler enjoys being nine already.

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