Oct 26, 2012

cool points in the mom bank

Halloween season is decidedly more low-key this year than last (hooray!), but I decided to perpetuate the "spooky dinner" idea from 2011.  I went with a simpler menu, and though it was a bit labor-intensive for my taste, it was a huge hit with the kids.

Spaghetti and meateyeballs was our main dish (use your imagination).

 Side dishes included bones 'n blood...

monster teeth...

and strawberry skulls.

We also had butterbeer (ala Harry Potter) and candy corn cupcakes.  Yummy and cute and festive, right?

The best part of the meal: paper plates.

The worst part of the meal: almost passing out at Walmart while I was buying ingredients this morning.  But that's another story entirely.

Happy Halloween!
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