Oct 29, 2012


Commentary on our barefoot lifestyle:

Lexi: Mom, where are you going?
Mom: Nowhere.
Lexi: Then why do you have shoes on?  Why does Dad have shoes on?
Mom: Because it's freezing.
Lexi: But where are you going?

On growing up:

Lexi: I'm gonna be a mama someday.
Mom: Yes, you are!
Lexi: I'm gonna drive when I'm a mama.
Mom: That's right.  What else will you do?
Lexi: Fix dinner.
Mom: What else?
Lexi: Be in bed with Daddy.

Grocery shopping with Gavin:


Tyler showed up like this after riding his scooter home from school.  When I asked why he wasn't wearing his coat (it was 32 degrees), he said he wasn't cold.


Speaking of cold, we got out the winter gear.  Our house will look like this for six months.


After the first real snow of the season (last Thursday, October 25), I was really hoping we wouldn't have a snow day.  The boys turned their pajamas inside out, flushed ice cubes down the toilet, and did a snow dance, but my wish came true.  Garry left me a note on the bathroom mirror Friday morning:


On the upcoming ward Halloween party:

Gavin: Malcolm told me about something so cool at the church.  It's where people get in the trunks of their cars for candy.
Mom:  Oh, yeah?
Gavin:  Yeah!  It's called trick-or-trunking!
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