Oct 25, 2012

Girls vs. Boys

Just a little comparison for you folks:

dainty duets on the piano
riding bikes through the kitchen

Girls and boys are different.
I'm so glad I have both.
But there's one thing that is universal in the Bartle home.

And Kate just figured it out.


Bridgette Knowlson said...

Thanks for brightening my day :) I always love reading your posts. It's so good to know other families hail from Crazyland too!

Katie Fuller said...

I am SO glad Belle hasn't caught onto that one yet... She can barely keep her face intact on solid ground.

angiedunn said...

oh, yikes.

when i babysit boys, i realize how different they are! though, i'm pretty sure liv can give any boy a run for their money. :)

Melanie said...

Fantastic kids. It's good they are healthy and active...really!

Colleen said...

Awww and OH DEAR! :)

pass it on!

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