Oct 1, 2012

Just remembering

When I'm sad, like I am today,
I try to find something to fill the emptiness.
So I looked up all the pictures I have of my Grandpa Dent.
(And, if I'm being honest, I also opened a bag of candy corn,
because, as we know, I suffer from kummerspeck.)

The pictures were equal parts healing and heart-breaking.
But mostly healing.

Summer 1979:
Grandpa holding me when I was new.

October 2001:
Grandpa holding my first baby when HE was new.

November 2002:
Thanksgiving in Mesa, and Ryan's Eagle Court of Honor.

May 2003:
Two Grandpas asleep on the couch (after Angie's wedding).

September 2004:
Holding baby Tyler and teasing little Zach (see the tongs?).

July 2005:
With family at Temple Square.

July 2006:
Letting Tyler play in his lap.

March 2007:
Grandma and Grandpa with the boys.

June 2008:
Wrangling baby Gavin.

July 2009:
Holding baby Lexi.

August 2010:
A lunch with the family in Salt Lake City.

April 2011:

March 2012:
Introducing Kate through the wonders of Skype.

That was a sweet little trip down Memory Lane.
I'm glad to have all these pictures in one place.
But I think I need more candy.
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